Band Members Bio

Aeion “Yaaka” Hoilett (Bass Player)

Like most musicians, Aeion, the last of four children began his musical journey on the Bandstand of his home-town church in Golden Grove St. Ann. He started out as a drummer, then moved on to play the organ. His fascination with the Bass started when he enrolled in the Caribbean, Latin and American Jazz (CLAJ) Program at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. Aeion has played Bass on tracks for some of Jamaica’s greatest music producers, for some of the greatest reggae entertainers in Jamaica today. Since their first album Aeion have also developed his love for song writing and has written some of the tracks on the album “What A Day”. He has been writing tracks for the upcoming album but has also found a new love which saw him being the lead vocal on some of the tracks. Aeion musical journey continues as he writes, produces and perform with the Band on stages worldwide.

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Chevaughn Clayton (Lead Singer)

Chevaughn’s musical journey, like most of his colleagues started  while growing up in church. Chevaughn started out as a drummer but would sing occasionally as well. Over the years he found  that most persons would approach him to perform as a singer rather than as a drummer. He decided that he would capitalize on his singing potential and in 1997 entered the Tastee  talent competition and won. In the same year he entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Festival and won a title which he defended and held for 3 consecutive years (1997-2000). In January 2002 Chevaughn auditioned for a part in the Father HoLung and Friends Ensemble and was welcomed to the group. Ashe then  in need for a drummer approached Chevaughn and asked him to join the group. They later learned that he was an impecable vocalist and asked him to auditioned for a new position which not surprisingly he got. Throughout this time Chevaughn has been sharing stages with members of C-Sharp and when the band found itself in need of a new lead vocalist he was their first choice. So in August of 2006 Chevaughn officially joined the Band as lead vocalist. Although the lead vocalist of C-Sharp Chevaughn has embarked on a journey to share his vocal skills with the world. He has collaborated on some hit single with  which have made their way in the heart of many people around the world. One big hit single “Holiday” produced by Notice Production.

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Lamont “Monty” Savory (Guitar)

At the age of eight Monty developed his unwavering interest  and passion for for the guitar after seeing Bob Marley’s Redemption Song video. He would fashion his own Guitar out of sardine can, a piece of board and an elastic band. This resourcefulness continued until Monty discovered that his uncle owned a guitar. He would stop at his uncle’s house after church every Sunday to hear him play the G-Major scale which at this time rendered his uncle the greatest guitarist that he had ever heard. Monty’s passion for music continued throughout high school and upon graduation Monty decided that he wanted to learn more about the guitar and auditioned for the Caribbean Latin and American Jazz (CLAJ) program at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts where he later met the other members of the Band. In the short years Monty has grown to become of of Jamaica’s most requested Guitar player. Since C-Sharp first album Monty has been writing songs for the Band and in recent years has written songs for some of Jamaica’s now number one artist. Click here to Learn more about Monty.

Dwain “Wiya” Campbell (Keyboard)

Growing up in a musical family, it was hard for Dwain to steer away from music as a career option. Every member of his family either sang or played a musical instrument, some did both. Dwain would play at church in his hometown in St Mary. From the drums, to guitar and Bass, Dwain was no stranger to musical instruments. He however became fascinated with the Keyboard only a few months before enrolling at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. He had a long standing passion to play an instrument that would give him the dexterity to sing and play at the same time, for him the keyboard seemed the obvious choice. Other than playing an instrument Dwain has grown into production, as well as as studio engineer perfecting his art in mixing and mastering musical recording. He has mixed numerous tracks from C-Sharp first album “What A Day” and is presently taking charge of the production side of C-Sharp’s upcoming album. Dwain today has his own production company Barb Wiya Music where he produces many other artist of all genres.

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Randevon “Randy” Patrick (Drummer)

Randy discovered his love for music at age six when he would make guitars from sardine cans, a piece of board and fish lines. As he got older he learned to play the bass which he played at church but later committed to playing the drums which he felt most comfortable with. Graduating from the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in 2001, Randy started teaching at Seaforth High School but soon became disenchanted, so when the position later opened up for a drummer in C-Sharp Band he quickly jumped at the opportunity to play with the Band. He relinquished his position at the High School to play music full time and hasn’t looked back since. Randy is also a studio drummer who has played on many of the  great tracks for producers in Jamaica. Recently Randy has decided to connect back with student in the class room so while working as C-Sharp drummer Randy has been teaching music in the classroom at Seaforth High School helping to groom the musicians of tomorrow.

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  2. Rototom Crew says:

    Looking forward to see you at Rototom Sunsplash!

  3. Susan says:

    love love love !
    Real music with heart & passion (:

  4. George says:

    Awesome guys!

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